Messy, creative and thrilling. It’s about innovation, organization and clarity.

I really enjoy learning about a topic then synthesizing the material I glean into information that anyone can understand. Since I was a child, I have communicated most effectively through writing.


Rigorous, analytical and ruthless, a systematic winnowing for cohesion and impact.

Editing requires being entirely honest with yourself and trusted colleagues in text. It means being in love with a phrase and then deleting it from the paragraph for cohesion and understanding. Editing requires a strange ability to simultaneously see the big picture and the minute details. Great editing involves making a series of choices according to a strategic plan.


Discipline, pattern recognition, spelling, punctuation and grammar are mandatory here.

Being sensitive, noticing details and keeping track of format makes proofreading a strange talent. For me, it is very enjoyable to make dramatic improvements through small changes. Skill here requires a deep knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar. A certain willingness to argue the pros and cons of the Oxford comma doesn’t hurt, either.